Pourz & Ignite your selfcare moment.

We believe that in order to care for others, we first need to take care of ourselves, and sometimes that means taking a moment to pourz and experience some me-time.

Ignite your moment with a Pourz Candle.

Unwind & Bake!

Summer is the treat that keeps on giving! Take your mind off things and have a little fun baking up some delicious treats! Keep it simple with some cookies or brownies. The best thing about baking is you can reap the delicious rewards afterwards.

Unwind with yoga!

Charlie is the perfect choice for some meditation & yoga time at home. Roll out your mat in a quiet zone of your home, find a calming yoga video on your phone, and work out that built-up stress you may be holding in your body.

Inhale the future, exhale the past.

Stay in and put on a movie!

Frankie is your perfect companion for a Movie Night in!

Put on those pj’s, light your candle, pour that wine, and settle in with a large bowl of popcorn.

So go on, take that much-needed ‘me time’ because taking care of yourself is productive!

Zone out and Journal!

Coco is your perfect partner to zone out and journal. Let those thoughts flow, list your goals, your desires or get your stresses out on paper. Letting your thoughts run free can be so therapeutic for the soul.


Get a little creative!

Claude pairs perfectly with some much-needed ‘me time’ colouring in and letting the mind wander and be creative. So what are you waiting for? Find your quiet zone at home, light your candle, grab your pencils, open your Pourz & Relax Colour In Book and let your mind get carried away between the lines.

Get a little creative!

Mandi is here to inspire the sweet treat of a strawberries & champagne kind of night! Take some ‘me time’ and indulge in your own at-home spa night. Put the phone away and enjoy your own company, relax those eyes and treat yourself to the famous strawberries and champagne duo.

Go on, you deserve it.

Sink your teeth into a book!

Have you got a book you have been meaning to sink your teeth into?Why not schedule 30min into your week to sit down on the lounge and get lost in the pages. Lulu is the perfect blend to burn to create the ultimate book reading experience.

Relax with breakfast in bed!

Florence is your lady to enjoy a relaxing breakfast in bed. While we spend our weeks racing out of bed, spend one morning taking in the  simple beauties of breakfast in bed. Start your day right and recharge, you will feel so much better for it!

Soy Wax Candles

Individually hand poured right here in Brisbane 

Soy Wax Melts

Relax and Enjoy

Wax Melters

Light up any room

Colouring in

Let you mind wonder

Essential Oils

Oils for your health and wellbeing




First Light

The first burn of your candle is the most important. Correctly burning your candle will help ensure you get the most out of your candle.

  • We recommend you keep the wick trimmed to approximately 4.8mm above the wax before the first light. This will ensure your candle gets the correct amount of flame and heat. Too much wick could see it curl and set in your wax once it has been lit and your wax cools. This can cause issues for you next time you go to light and can result in your candle being unable to light. 
  • a long wick can also cause black smoke
  • On first light, make sure you burn your candle long enough for the wax to melt right to edges of the candle jar. Candles have a memory and doing this will help to make sure the wax doesn't tunnel down the centre of the container.
Black Smoke

Candles give off black smoke when the wick is too long, the candle is too hot, the candle is dirty or it has been burning too long.

We recommend you trim your wick after every use and ensure that it is used in a clean, well-ventilated area. Always use a snuffer to put candle out.

How long do I burn my candles for?

When burning your candle you want to make sure that it is not lit for more that  4-5 hours, otherwise your ceramic/glass can overheat. Overheating your candle can cause your candle to melt quicker in the jar which will lead to your candle not lasting as long as the suggested time frame. Please be careful while using your candle, as constant use and overheating could cause the jar to become very hot and may even cause the ceramic/glass to become fragile and possible cracking may occur.

Candle Sweat

No worries, soy wax is very sensitive. If exposed to fluctuating changes in temperatures this can cause the natural oils within the wax and the added fragrance to seperate. This will make the candle appear as if it is sweating. Sweating does not impact the quality of your candle or its scent. Just wipe excess oil off with a tissue or paper towel and light your candle and enjoy!