Selfcare during Lockdown

With lockdowns becoming a regular occurrence, it is important that we take care of our mental and physical wellbeing during this time.  Self-isolation and social distancing have caused our daily life to become disrupted and a tad chaotic, so it is crucial that we find steps in which we can take to make these new transitions a little easier on ourselves.

Below we’ve listed some ways that have helped us find balance, why not give some of them a go and let us know how you go:

Take time away from the online world

The internet has created some amazing opportunities for us all and has given us the freedom to stay connected with family and friends across the globe, it can also feel very isolating. With society’s standards expecting many of us to only share the perfect moments, it can often leave us feeling alone and inferior when life isn’t as always as perfect as everyone else’s appears to be. This paired with the onslaught of bad news provided to use from news outlets, the world can very easily feel very overwhelming and scary. This is why we encourage everyone to carve out time throughout the day to take a step back from the technology. Whether that’s leaving your phone at home and taking yourself on a nice, covid safe, socially distanced walk or switching your phone and tv off an hour before bed and reading a book instead. It’s these little things, that may seem like nothing that can make all the difference.

Embrace this extra time

Life can get crazy and in this society, we’ve all built, us humans are constantly out and about working to reach the next goal. Although this sort of lifestyle is exciting and rewarding, it means we don’t often allow time to pause, time to give back to ourselves, time to reflect, and flourish. Appreciate the activities at home we often take for granted and embrace a new routine. Use this time at home to rest so that you can come out of lockdown feeling recharged and restored, ready to take on the next challenge life has to offer.

Invent a new daily schedule

With what feels like the world being flipped on its head, it’s impossible for us all to stick to our usual routines.  It can be all too easy for us to fall out of routine and feel unmotivated while stuck at home, so setting up some clear structure is crucial to getting any real work down during this time. Whether you want to create your own daily or weekly schedule is up to you, just make sure you set it up in a way that best suits you and your day. This schedule is here to provide structure and balance to your day, keeping you active and busy.

Get ready to take on the day

As tempting as it may sound to sit at home in your pj’s all day, it can often make it harder for us to switch into a productive work mode. Now we’re not saying you have to sit at home in a suit or anything, but take the time to get yourself dressed and ready for the day. This will also just make 5 o’clock feel so much nicer when you can close your laptop, run yourself a bath, and pop back into your pj’s.

Creating a distinction between work and home life is going to help you stay self-motivated and productive.

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