Welcome to Pourz Candles! 

Pourz Candles was created by our lovely founder Merryn Morrice in 2020. What started when a simple candle making class quickly turned into an outlet in which Merryn could use to give back time to herself. A way for her to rediscover who she was outside of being a loving mother and wife. After finding her own sense of fulfilment, Merryn wanted to encourage others to ignite that passion within themselves to find their own meaning to the term ‘self-fulfilment’. And so Pourz Candles was born… 

Pourz Candles is growing every day and we started this blog as a way to connect and empower our growing community. Throughout this blog, we’ll be discussing a wide range of topics covering-  self-care, candles, mental health and insights into running a business. Here we want to encourage, empower and inspire individuals to seek their own version of self-fulfilment. 

We are so excited for this new platform and the opportunities that will come with it. We aim to use this to create a safe space, a place where we can interact and grow together.

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